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Acting Ethically in a Corrupt Environment?

Kenman Wong responds to managing possible conflicts between ethics and cultural sensitivity.

Add Tires or Lose Sale?

Kenman Wong addresses “kickbacks” and the ethical dilemma they pose.

Best Product: An Ethical Question?

Kenman Wong discusses “contribution to society” as a key consideration in the formulation of a target market.

No Harm, No Foul?

Trying to decide right and wrong based on consequences (vs. sticking to principles) has several significant weaknesses.

Dealing With a Broken Promise

If a company promises you employment for a specific time period, what should you do if you are let go before the time period concludes?

Benefit Client or Candidate?

If your job is to match candidates with your client, a company, what obligations do you have to both the potential candidate and the company?

Full Disclosure Required?

Kenman Wong discusses ethics of a corporate sale where the seller is intentionally prevented from knowing the buyer.

Must an IT Professional Do Police Work?

When IT professionals notice unlicensed software or pornography on someone’s computer, is it his or her responsibility to report the problem?

Does Ethics Require Standard Pricing?

If one customer is willing to pay higher rates than another, is it ethical to charge one customer more than the other?

Dealing With an Oppressive Boss

When the management style of a boss threatens the morale of the organization, what should you do?