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Jeff Pinneo: Piloting a Business Through Challenging Times

Jeff Pinneo sits down with Ethix to discuss the status of the airline industry.

From the Editor – Issue 49

Al Erisman and Jeff Van Duzer introduce the collaboration between Seattle Pacific University and Ethix.

C. William "Bill" Pollard: Leading by Serving

Bill Pollard discusses the importance of service in leading a large company. He also expands on Christian values in his company.

Al Weiss: Getting Serious About Creating Fun at Disney

Al Weiss discusses the creative culture found in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

David J. McIntyre Jr.: Protecting Customers, Managing Growth at TriWest

David McIntyre, Jr. explains the ethical issues around protecting customers in times of crisis.

Essay: The Positive Side of Business Ethics

Jeff Van Duzer argues that we need a positive, purpose-oriented ethic to serve as a foundation for the more traditional limit-oriented approach to the subject.

Essay: Three Causes of Ethical Lapse in Today’s Business

Jeffrey Van Duzer asserts that we are at a time in history when business ethics is once again a “hot” topic. In addition to learning macro-level lessons from Enron and its progeny, we can also profitably use this time to assess our own micro-level ethics and to begin to build strategies that will enable us to resist the ethics-deflecting temptations of speed, spin and stuff.