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Dear Ethix – Issue 47

Readers note issues of intellectual property, electronic transactions, workplace collaboration, and defeating corporate corruption.

TechWatch: Stealing Atoms or Electrons

Al Erisman discusses the struggle with understanding intellectual property and its not-too-distant relative, the value of ideas, in the context of the digital revolution.

NewNotables – Issue 38

Intellectual Property Issues in China
China Daily, 9/06/2004, p. 5
Crackdown on Corrupt Practices in the Chinese Government
China Daily, 9/13/2004, p. 3
Challenge for Better Business Practices in Malaysia, James Rose, 10/07/04
Professional Ethics in News Coverage
China Daily, 10/09/2004, p. 6
Proper Management of Government Assets
China Daily, 9/11 and 12/2004, p. 1

TechWatch: Challenge at the Intersection

Al Erisman discusses information technology and issues including: piracy, privacy, pornography, hacking, identity, and intellectual property.