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From the Editors – Issue 28

James D. Sinegal: A Long-Term Business Perspective in a Short-Term World

Jim Sinegal expands on the foundational tenets of the Costco business plan.

Benchmark Ethics: Ethics is More Than Compliance

Individuals and organizations that have a robust, authentic ethics program will spend their major energy articulating and pursuing positive principles, values, and virtues. Observing moral boundaries—and regulatory boundaries—is important but secondary to this pursuit of the right and good.

Ed Lazowska: The Real Information Revolution Is Yet to Come

Ed Lazowska expands on the possible uses of technology in the future and the importance of using technology to benefit education.

Benchmark Ethics: The First Principle of Ethics

What if we tried to come up with a list of the most basic principles and guidelines of a sound ethics that could be widely shared by the world’s population? What would be included? What would be first on the list?

From the Editors – Issue 26

Michael F. Federle: Business Journalism in an Era of Global Ferment

Michael Federle talks about business journalism at Fortune and the particular ethical questions that arise with covering the business sphere.

Benchmark Ethics: Trust Needs Trustworthy

David Gill sees four major tests for trustworthiness.

From the Editors – Issue 25

David C. Korten: A Perspective From Outside the Corporation

David Korten argues for a change of foundational scenery for corporations. Under current practices, he believes that corporations are actively assisting in the process of putting more people under the poverty line.