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Artificial Intelligence

This time it looks real. One of the few advantages of being older is having a perspective on the advances More»

Can Technology (Also) Make Us Stupid?

It is not difficult to find the many ways technology extends our reach. The early defining vision for Bill Gates More»

Randy Wilcox: Ethics and Manufacturing

Randy Wilcox started in sales and became president of two different divisions of Otis Elevator: South Asia, then the Americas. Ethics and globalization were a challenge for the company in the 19th century when high rises grew in cities around the world.

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Technology, Business, and Values

The breakneck pace of change coming from the digital revolution is incompatible with the slower pace of change for our More»

From the Editor – Issue 76

Al Erisman covers the content of Issue 76 in Ethix

New Questions on the Impact of Technology

How might we, and our businesses, need to change to embrace the positives from technology without being overwhelmed by the downsides?

From the Editor – Issue 74

Al Erisman outlines Issue 74 contributors to the continuing dialogue on health care and offers a look at future Conversations covering the telecommunications and movie industries..

Technology and Market Incentives

Why is it so difficult to bring new technology to health care? One of the reasons is economic. To argue this case, Al Erisman looks at two other industries where technology brings great advantage, and look at the underlying economic model governing this deployment.

Dr. Jonathan Perlin: From Sick Care to Health Care

Jonathan Perlin, chief medical officer for the HCA health care system in Nashville, shares his passion for improving health care through better outcomes and lower costs — to move beyond sick care to a true health care system. More than ideas, they are things he did while CEO of the Veterans Health Administration.

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From the Editor – Issue 73

Al Erisman outlines the content of issue 73 featuring Dr. Robert Wachter and Dr. Gary Kaplan.