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Technology and Market Incentives

Why is it so difficult to bring new technology to health care? One of the reasons is economic. To argue this case, Al Erisman looks at two other industries where technology brings great advantage, and look at the underlying economic model governing this deployment.

Product Ideas for the Entrepreneur

Suppose you have decided that the job market is tough, and you want to start your own business. There is More»

Technology and the Common Good

Thinking about the role of the cell phone in 21st-century communications.

Oil, Economics, and Technology

A discussion of three interrelated areas, rooted in technology, that the two disasters (economic crisis of 2008-09 and the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster of 2010) have in common …

Too Much Data?

We have unprecedented availability to data today, and yet are polarized over many very important issues. Data is at the heart of each side’s argument. How can this be?

TechWatch: The Internet and Beyond

New technologies offer new capabilities. We must create thoughtful, appropriate uses that deal with both the upsides and the downsides that come from these tools.

TechWatch: The State of Existing Technology

Al Erisman shows that we are a long way from realizing the benefits of current technology. He brings a warning to those who might assume they can trust a “smart” system to give them what is advertised.

TechWatch: The New Capitalism?

The current banking and financial crisis that has crippled the world, destroyed jobs, and offers no easy out has led to calls for a new kind of capitalism.

TechWatch: Twitter and Telecommuting

In an age of technology, does physical proximity still matter in business? For some things, probably not. Reverse auctions have More»

TechWatch: Blackouts in the Economy?

We are hearing conflicting messages these days. Anybody notice? With all of the talk about economic stimulus, we are told More»