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Artificial Intelligence

This time it looks real. One of the few advantages of being older is having a perspective on the advances More»

Can Technology (Also) Make Us Stupid?

It is not difficult to find the many ways technology extends our reach. The early defining vision for Bill Gates More»

Technology Lessons from Mom

My mother recently had her 100th birthday! While that is a remarkable achievement, it is not something I would normally More»

Thinking Digitally

Is technology an aid to our thinking processes, or is it a distraction? My own conclusion is “yes.” By connecting More»

Technology, Business, and Values

The breakneck pace of change coming from the digital revolution is incompatible with the slower pace of change for our More»

Business Model for Other Information-Rich Industries?

Technology has rocked the business model for anyone delivering information content. Over the past three Conversations in Ethix we have More»

E-reader Technology: Friend or Foe?

For Christmas, I received a Kindle Fire, a grown up e-reader with many of the features of an iPad. This More»

Connecting Our Brains With Technological Change

Suppose John had been working at the same business in the next town for 10 years, and it always seemed More»

The Role of Technology in a Jobless Recovery

As the economic recovery continues, it seems that many of the indicators have improved, but the unemployment figures stay stubbornly More»

New Questions on the Impact of Technology

How might we, and our businesses, need to change to embrace the positives from technology without being overwhelmed by the downsides?