NewNotables – Issue 38

Intellectual Property Issues in China
China Daily, 9/06/2004, p. 5
Crackdown on Corrupt Practices in the Chinese Government
China Daily, 9/13/2004, p. 3
Challenge for Better Business Practices in Malaysia, James Rose, 10/07/04
Professional Ethics in News Coverage
China Daily, 10/09/2004, p. 6
Proper Management of Government Assets
China Daily, 9/11 and 12/2004, p. 1

NewsNotables – Issue 37

Unfazed by Conviction, Firm Keeping CEO on the Payroll
Associated Press, 8/03/2004
Auditor-Client Breakups Rise, While Disclosure Often Lags
The Wall Street Journal, 8/03/2004
Halliburton Settles SEC Probe Into an Accounting Disclosure
The Wall Street Journal, 8/04/2004
Bristol-Myers Squibb Settles SEC Fraud Case
The Wall Street Journal, 8/04 and 05/2004
SEC Looks Into Krispy Kreme Practices
The Wall Street Journal, 07/20/2004

NewsNotables – Issue 36

Boeing Co. Hires an Ethics Watchdog
Wall Street Journal, 5/04/2004
The Gap Details Mistreatment at Overseas Plants
Associated Press, 5/13/2004
Spitzer Files Suit Seeking Millions of Grasso Money
Wall Street Journal and Seattle Times, 5/25/2004
Sarbanes-Oxley: Is the Price Too High?
Wall Street Journal, 5/27/2004
Fund Probe Broadens to IPO Allocations by Money Managers
Wall Street Journal, 5/27/2004
Wal-Mart Ties Bonuses to Fairness for Employees
Wall Street Journal, 6/4/2004 and Seattle Times, 6/5/2004

NewsNotables – Issue 35

How Cuts in Retiree Benefits Fatten Companies’ Bottom Line
Wall Street Journal, March 16, 2004
FBI Adds To Wiretap Wish List
CNET News, March 16,2004
Citigroup’s Weill Received Bonus Of $29 Million in Cash for 2003
Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2004
Trial of Former Tyco Executives Ends in Mistrial
New York Times, April 3, 2004

NewsNotables – Issue 34

Harvard Will Require 1st Year MBA Students Take Ethics Course
Boston Globe, December 30, 2004
Internet As 800-Pound Gorilla
Seattle Times, January 10, 2004
IBM Documents Give Rare Look At Sensitive Plans On “Offshoring”
Wall Street Journal, January 19, 2004