Ethix Forum – Issue 28

Is it possible for unethical companies–and individuals–to change and become ethical? How? If “unethical companies and individuals” refers to those who have made some mistakes, then the outlook for change is somewhat positive. Unethical behavior occurs for a variety of reasons, including ignorance, ambiguity, and a reward system that encourages it. Decreasing these types of …

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Ethix Forum – Issue 17

What are the primary ethical issues and challenges we must face up to in the emerging biotechnology realm (genomics, bioengineering, etc.)? Who should take responsibility here? What are the first steps to be taken?

Ethix Forum – Issue 10

Many of us are dealing with high volume e-mail. How many daily e-mail messages do you receive? How do you handle your e-mail so that you neither overlook important messages, or waste time on unimportant ones?