Ethix Forum – Issue 33

Do you see business globalization as a good trend for the world, or one worth protesting? Why? Environmentalists and unions are concerned about the global trade rules that promote “free” trade. Global trade does have its benefits. However, under the guise of “opening up markets” trade pacts also harm our environmental and worker protections. They …

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Ethix Forum – Issue 31

Does IT remain a strategic force for business, or is it just another tool for business to use? Undoubtedly it is a strategic force. Any businessperson who discounts technology today, simply because we had a technology bust three years ago, is living in fool’s paradise. Technology will continue to march on, and intelligent companies will …

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Ethix Forum – Issue 29

How did your university or business school education affect the values and ethics you bring to your company and career? Universities don’t build values or ethics. Families do. Business schools give you the tools required to do your job efficiently and professionally but at the end of the day it is your upbringing that defines …

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