Ethix Forum – Issue 51

Has your job, or the job of a colleague, been changed or eliminated by technology? Do you have a job that didn’t exist 10 years ago but does now because of technology? Tell us about it.

Ethix Forum – Issue 47

“It has been almost five years since the current wave of ethical scandals hit U.S. companies starting with Enron. Since that time, many new laws have been passed. Are we now less vulnerable to corporate corruption? Why or why not?

Ethix Forum – Issue 46

As wireless capability grows, more people are finding “hot spots” that have been left open by neighbors or nearby businesses. Is there an ethical problem in taking advantage of this “free access”? Why, or why not?

Ethix Forum – Issue 44

Technology has enabled variable product pricing based on your personal profile. You could be charged more (or less) than your neighbor because your buying habits have been captured by the online retailer. Are there limitations that should be placed on this practice by the sellers? By the law?

Ethix Forum – Issue 43

Two prominent CEOs have recently been given significant prison terms: Bernie Ebbers (WorldCom) and Dennis Kozlowski (Tyco). What difference do you think this will make in the behavior of business leaders in the future?

Ethix Forum – Issue 42

Often religion is regarded as a taboo subject in places of business. Yet since religion is the source for making decisions of right and wrong for may people, should this taboo be reconsidered in light of the ethical failures on business? If so, what guidelines would you suggest?