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Must an IT Professional Do Police Work?

When IT professionals notice unlicensed software or pornography on someone’s computer, is it his or her responsibility to report the problem?

Does Ethics Require Standard Pricing?

If one customer is willing to pay higher rates than another, is it ethical to charge one customer more than the other?

Dealing With an Oppressive Boss

When the management style of a boss threatens the morale of the organization, what should you do?

Dealing Fairly With “Insider” Vendor Information

When seeing confidential pricing information from a vendor, do you forward this information to your more important supplier in hopes of gaining “relationship points,” or do you delete the message and pretend that you never saw it?

Protecting Your Brand

What should your company do when another company takes your slogan or title?

What Is the Proper Response to an Affair?

How do you manage a company through the turmoil caused from an affair?

Dealing With Bribery in Africa

If your business is planning on setting up operations in a corrupt country, is it morally permissible to practice the paying of “facilitation fees”?

Ethical Issues With a New Payroll System?

Changing the payroll system sounds innocent enough, but you might start by seeing if a new payroll system could get you into trouble with the law.

Can I Be Fired for My Position on a Political Issue?

If you a conflicting political view from the position your boss holds, does he or she have the right to fire you?

Promoting Multilevel Marketers?

As an advertising writer, are you ethically obliged to not work with companies you do not support?