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Technology's Impact on Book Contract

DILEMMA I signed a contract with Oxford Press for my book in 2004. Its termination clause reads, “In the event More»

A Taxi Kickback? by David Gill

Dilemma I work at the front desk of a hotel, and in this position I am often responsible for scheduling More»

Personal Views of an Executive

DILEMMA I work for a high tech company and love the work. But the environment has become increasingly tense because More»

Firing a Client?

Should a client be fired? Kenman Wong responds to the dilemma of working with a client who pays for advice, but doesn’t take it — to the detriment of the business.

An Unexpectedly Long Commute

Kenman Wong responds to the dilemma of trying to balance work and family.

The Wrong Kind of New Client?

Kenman Wong comments on what a company should do regarding its drift away from its foundational values

Stealing Business or Fair Competition?

DILEMMA I am a student working summers (and part time throughout the year) for a landscaping company. Due to the More»

Working in an Unethical Environment

Kenman Wong discusses possible scenarios when working in an unethical environment.

Compensation System Creates Conflict of Interest

Kenman Wong offers options for dealing with company leaders to make positive changes.

Rear-Ended by a Rental

Jeff Van Duzer highlights in this dilemma how important “trust” is in business relationships concerning perceived contractual obligations.