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Essay: The Vital Role of Ethics

Faustin Toudera, recteur, University of Banqui, CAR, writes on ethics, or the lack of ethics in professional circles and how it will impact today’s students and tomorrow’s business world.

Essay: Corporate Social Responsibility

A look at the increase in the adoption of corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies.

Essay: Standing Up in the Face of Difficulty

Deborah Griffing discusses how we can choose thoughts, behaviors and actions that help restore equilibrium following stressful life events.

Essay: Positive Ethics

David Mashburn addresses why it is good to have a positive ethic.

Essay: Internet Creating "Small Town" Accountability for Business?

Comments by Robert L. Bunting are excerpts from the Baldwin Distinguished Speaker Series talk that Bunting gave to students and faculty at the School of Business and Economics, Seattle Pacific University, October 31, 2006.

Essay: Tackling Poverty — The Roles of Business, Government, and NGOs

Prabhu Guptara writes about the roles that business, government, NGOs, science, and technology play in tackling world poverty.

Essay: Changes Needed for the Globalization System

Prabhu Guptara discusses the need for a consensus about global solutions before we cause a global collapse.

Essay: Will Robots Take Your Job?

People have been moved from agricultural to manufacturing to service jobs, but once we take people out of service jobs, what is left? Prabhu Guptara discusses the coming impact of robotics around the globe.

Asia Perspective: Role of IT in Business

Seamus Phan argues that open-source technology, available for free, is invading the traditional turf of many enterprise and client-side applications and technologies.

Essay: Indonesian Leaders View Corruption With Humor, Frustration, and Hope

Al Erisman talks with Indonesian business people and government officials who were passionate about addressing the corruption problems in their country.