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Greg Page: The Ethics of Food — A Corporate Perspective

Cargill CEO Greg Page talks about today’s issues in the food industry, including world food distribution.

Peter Dill: A Local, Organic Perspective on Food for the World

A lawyer-turned-organic farmer talks about local-organic farming and the future of food production.

Lord Brian Griffiths: British Economist Offers Perspective on Global Crisis

Lord Brian Griffiths gives his perspective on today’s economic woes.

Bonnie Wurzbacher: Bringing Meaning to Work

Bonnie Wurzbacher talks with Ethix about local and global challenges of a modern global enterprise.

Wayne T. Alderson: Valuing People Helps Business

Wayne T. Alderson, co-founder of Value of the Person seminars, benefits the bottom line–and workers.

Patrick J. McDonnell: Does VOP Apply to Restaurants?

Restaurateur Patrick J. McDonnell says food is not the #1 priority of restaurants. Find out what he says is.

Daryl Travis: Creating and Managing a Brand

Daryl Travis, CEO of Brandtrust, has learned that a business’ success rarely depends on advertising.

Maintaining Ethics in a Downturn: Auto Sales, Real Estate, Home Building

Don Flow, Beverly Bothel, and Perry Bigelow answer the questions of how ethics survive in the auto industry, real estate, and home building (respectively) during an economic downturn.

Sally Jewell: When Customers and Shareholders Align

Sally Jewell discusses her experiences and philosophies about running REI.

Clive Mather: Harmonizing Energy and the Environment

Clive Mather discusses the role of energy today.