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Barry Rowan: Bringing Meaning to Work

Barry Rowan, CFO of Vonage, describes the incredible changes in telecommunications and their impact on business. But the conversation takes a surprising turn as he describes a difficult period of his life and his ideas for bringing meaning to his work and purpose to business.

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John Stanton: Wireless Telecommunications

John Stanton, chairman of Trilogy Partners, a wireless communications company, talks about running a for-profit wireless communications company in Haiti and Bolivia, two of the poorest nations in this hemisphere. He describes the cell phone role as bank, emergency communications, and business tool.

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Dr. Jonathan Perlin: From Sick Care to Health Care

Jonathan Perlin, chief medical officer for the HCA health care system in Nashville, shares his passion for improving health care through better outcomes and lower costs — to move beyond sick care to a true health care system. More than ideas, they are things he did while CEO of the Veterans Health Administration.

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Luke McGuinness: Patient Safety, Cost Containment

Luke McGuiness took over the leadership role for the Central Dupage County Hospital system as hospital administrator when it was intellectually and financially struggling. Today, it is one of America’s Top 100 Hospitals. McGuiness offers his insight on the process — with ideas applying well beyond the health care field.

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Dr. Gary S. Kaplan: Determined Steps to Transformation

Virginia Mason Medical Center is one of two Top Hospitals of the Decade, according to The Leapfrog Group. In this second complete Conversation for Ethix’s look at health care, CEO Gary Kaplan discusses new ways for health care delivery.

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Dr. Robert Wachter: Helping Health Care Get Well

Dr. Robert Wachter, considered the top U.S. academic physician/executive, talks about tough issues in 21st century health care, and why he supports the new health care legislation.

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Guy Kawasaki: Starting a Business: Answer to Lost Jobs?

Guy Kawasaki, the author and entrepreneur talks about starting a business, the secret to a successful startup, what it will take to get out of the recession.

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Collin Timms: Another Approach to Entrepreneurship

Collin Timms, founder and CEO of Guardian Bank, in Bangalore, India, talks about his approach to entrepreneurship, his hopes for India, women and microenterprise.

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Marshall Carter: Making Sense of the Financial Mess

Marshall N. Carter, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange Group, focuses on ethics, leadership, and offers advice to new leaders.

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Alan Mulally: Producing Cars With Passion and Involvement

The Ford CEO talks about everything from leaving Boeing for Ford to working with the government and the future of automobiles.