Lewis E. Platt: Sharing Insight From 33 Years at Hewlett Packard

Lewis E. Platt is the recently retired Chairman and CEo of Hewlett Packard, and currently the CEO of Kendall Jackson Wine Estates. In reflecting on a career at HP, Lew talks about changes in technology, preserving a valued corporate culture in a time of great change, and dealing with globalization through his experiences in Russia, China, and the recent World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle.

Norman B. Rice: Technology and the Economically Disadvantaged

“Access to technology is a big issue. There is a difference between rich and poor, but that doesn’t mean the poor have to be totally left out. Computer technology can be made available to the public at libraries, community centers, and churches. Ultimately there ought to be technology in every home but, in the meantime, providing public access is both possible and necessary…” – Norm Rice

Phyllis J. Campbell Discusses the Future of Banking

“Privacy is the hot issue going into the next millennium, not just among clients themselves, but within our bank, and even in the halls of congress. The fundamental questions is ‘who controls personal information?’ There are no easy answers. Data warehousing and mining will transform banking in the next ten years…” – Phyllis Campbell