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Francis Collins: Bringing Science to Health

Under his leadership, the Human Genome Project mapped and sequenced the full human genome. This monumental advance in scientific knowledge has begun to unlock some of the great mysteries of human life and has created the potential to develop treatments and cures for some of the most serious diseases.

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Randy Wilcox: Ethics and Manufacturing

Randy Wilcox started in sales and became president of two different divisions of Otis Elevator: South Asia, then the Americas. Ethics and globalization were a challenge for the company in the 19th century when high rises grew in cities around the world.

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Brad Tilden: Keeping an Airline Flying

Brad Tilden has always loved airplanes. When he had the opportunity to join Alaska Airlines, “I jumped at it ― a dream come true.” He started as director of general accounting, and became CEO and chairman last year. Safety, on-time flights, and airfares are some of the topics.

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Steve Tourek: A Window on Purpose

Steve Tourek has learned about good business and purpose on his journey from Dartmouth College to Yale to Cambridge University to a career as a litigation attorney to being chief counsel at Marvin Companies, a business that focuses on creating great products in small communities.

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Jack vanHartesvelt: Hard Choices for the Long Term

Jack vanHartesvelt creates and builds hotels for a pension fund investment firm. But it is not just about the near-term financial return. He has found that taking the long-term view changes everything from management to negotiations to purpose.

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Jean Bartell Barber: Third-Generation Leadership

Jean Bartell Barber is vice chairman and treasurer of Bartell Drugs, a privately held 58-store chain of drug stores in the greater-Seattle area of Washington state. With her brother, she provides the third generation of leadership for the drugstore chain founded by their grandfather in 1890.

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Gloria Nelund: Defining Success in the Financial World

Gloria Nelund is co-founder and CEO of TriLinc Global, an investment fund aimed at helping businesses in developing countries get loans. The goal is to achieve investor return while doing good. Previously, Gloria was CEO of the U.S. Private Wealth Management Division of Deutsche Bank.

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Tami Heim: The Business of Books in a Digital Era

Tami Heim has years of experience in books, as an executive and then president of Borders, as a senior executive with Thomas Nelson publishers, and as a consultant to authors and publishers with The A Group. She comments on various ways digital media has destroyed the business model for books.

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Rome Hartman: Television News in the Digital Age

Rome Hartman is executive producer of the new NBC primetime newsmagazine, Rock Center with Brian Williams. The former EP of 60 Minutes describes news production in a digital age. How do people hear about important issues when they choose their own sources from hundreds of channels and bloggers?

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Darcy Antonellis: The Business of Digital Movies

Darcy Antonellis, president of technical operations, Warner Bros. Entertainment, describes the turbulent transition of a business model for movies in a digital age — a challenge from hackers, a changing model of home distribution due to the Internet, and new opportunities from games and simulation.

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