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Benchmark Ethics: Compassion and Generosity in Business?

In the last Benchmark Ethics installment I raised the question: “Does anybody care about justice and fairness in today’s competitive More»

Benchmark Ethics: Fairness and Justice: Who cares?

If there is any one, single ethical value that has been on everyone’s short list, in virtually all times and More»

Benchmark Ethics: Facilitate Human Relationships

In my last column I discussed the benchmark value of privacy — the critical importance of being left alone, uninvaded, More»

Benchmark Ethics: Privacy and Association Are Not Optional Values

Two benchmark ethical values that deserve our careful attention today are privacy and association. These two are conceptually related: privacy More»

Benchmark Ethics: Is Technology (ever) Evil?

In the October 19, 1999, issue of InfoWorld, editor Sandy Reed discussed our Institute for Business, Technology, and Ethics. She More»

Benchmark Ethics: Responsibility

Irresponsibility is an epidemic in our era. Too many individuals and organizations deny, ignore, or evade responsibility for their actions. More»

Benchmark Ethics: Openness

Openness is the companion virtue to loyalty (the subject of Benchmark Ethics 5). Openness (in individual character or organizational culture) More»

Benchmark Ethics: Loyalty

Loyalty is not the only moral virtue in benchmark ethics. It can’t stand all by itself. Nevertheless, the case can More»

Benchmark Ethics: Aligning Character, Rules, and Corporate Mission

By David W. Gill Many of our contemporaries think that ethics is only about rules, especially ones telling us what More»

Benchmark Ethics: The People Factor

By David W. Gill Ethics is about right and wrong, good and bad. But so is etiquette: there is a More»