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Benchmark Ethics: Whistle-Blower, Ombudsman, and Values Champion

David Gill believes that if everyone, at every level, does something to uphold and articulate the core values of the company, ethical crises and breakdowns will be few and far between.

Benchmark Ethics: The Market Made Me Do It

Perhaps we should change the saying, “the market made me do it”, to “the mission made me do it.”

Benchmark Ethics: Religion and Business: Synergy or Catastrophe?

David Gill believes that globalization abroad and diversity at home make multi-religious interactions a fact of business life. Religious distraction and disrespect must be barred from the workplace but that still leaves plenty of room for positive relationships.

Benchmark Ethics: Ethics Trouble-Shooting & Crisis Resolution

David Gill proposes a three-stage approach to potential and actual crises.

Benchmark Ethics: Ethics is More Than Compliance

Individuals and organizations that have a robust, authentic ethics program will spend their major energy articulating and pursuing positive principles, values, and virtues. Observing moral boundaries—and regulatory boundaries—is important but secondary to this pursuit of the right and good.

Benchmark Ethics: The First Principle of Ethics

What if we tried to come up with a list of the most basic principles and guidelines of a sound ethics that could be widely shared by the world’s population? What would be included? What would be first on the list?

Benchmark Ethics: Trust Needs Trustworthy

David Gill sees four major tests for trustworthiness.

Benchmark Ethics: Rebuilding Company Ethics: A Five-Point Agenda

David Gill contends that ethical dilemmas and quandaries are inescapable and ethically-healthy companies must put in place a ready, effective trouble-shooting and crisis-resolution method.

Benchmark Ethics: From Work to Vocation and Profession

David Gill has believed for many years that recovering the two historic concepts of “vocation” and “profession” would contribute something very helpful to our situation. These two powerful terms can take us far beyond conventional thinking of our jobs merely in terms of “work.”

Benchmark Ethics: Wisdom Management

“Wisdom management” may be even more difficult than “knowledge management” but it may also turn out in the end to play a larger role in lifting your business from good to great.