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From the Editor – Issue 75

In this issue we will look at the telecommunications industry in our Conversations. We start with a Conversation with John More»

New Questions on the Impact of Technology

How might we, and our businesses, need to change to embrace the positives from technology without being overwhelmed by the downsides?

John Stanton: Wireless Telecommunications

John Stanton, chairman of Trilogy Partners, a wireless communications company, talks about running a for-profit wireless communications company in Haiti and Bolivia, two of the poorest nations in this hemisphere. He describes the cell phone role as bank, emergency communications, and business tool.

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NewsNotables – Issue 75

Senators Request Probe of Surgeons
The Wall Street Journal, June 9, 2011
Executive Learns From Hack
CEO Now Treats IT Department as Critical to Hyundai Capital’s Operation
The Wall Street Journal, June 21, 2011

Was Aaron Feuerstein Wrong?

By David W. Gill The story of Aaron Feuerstein is now old news but it was so spectacular in the late More»