Issue 63

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From the Editor – Issue 63

The economy and ethics have taken a strong hit from banking to home lending to the Bernard Madoff revelation of his $50-billion Ponzi scheme. Ethix introduces a “bright light” in the world of business ethics.

Dear Ethix – Issue 63

Readers comment on General Peter Pace, Clive Mather and the oil industry.

TechWatch: Alternatives to Layoffs

Al Erisman questions whether layoffs are the best answer in tough economic climates.

Sally Jewell: When Customers and Shareholders Align

Sally Jewell discusses her experiences and philosophies about running REI.

Essay: A Viewpoint on Ethics from India

Preetham Parigi discusses what is good and bad in the context of a moral obligation at the level of the individual, corporation, society, or a nation.

InReview – Issue 63

Enough: The True Measures of Money, Success and Life
by John C. Bogle
Outliers: The Story of Success
by Malcolm Gladwell

Acting Ethically in a Corrupt Environment?

Kenman Wong responds to managing possible conflicts between ethics and cultural sensitivity.