Issue 61

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From the Editor – Issue 61

Al Erisman talks about his initial misgivings and subsequent delight regarding his interview with General Peter Pace for the Ethix Conversation.

Dear Ethix – Issue 61

Readers comment on the future of the Internet, ten years of Ethix, and the veracity of the ethics of the Fareway Stores

TechWatch: Connecting With Digital Technology

Understanding how to interact with digital technology, whether it is the “netiquette” in using it or the meaning associated with the data we generate.

General Peter Pace: The Truth as I Know It

General Peter Pace answers questions regarding current events, leadership, globalization and ethics in the military.

NewsNotables – Issue 61

Agency Subpoenas Focus on 4 Rumors That Hit Lehman
The Wall Street Journal, July 28, 2008
Indictment Claims Alaska Senator Got Deals From Oil Executive
The Seattle Times, July 30, 2008

Essay: Three Keys to Ethical Leadership

General Peter Pace shares three specific things about ethics that he believes transcend the type of work you do — setting your moral compass, demonstrating intellectual courage, protecting your name.

Follow up: The Central African Republic

John Terrill provides an update on the progressive changes he observed in Central African Republic and the challenges yet to be addressed.

InReview – Issue 61

High Performance With High Integrity: Memo to the CEO
by Ben W. Heineman Jr.
Africa Doesn’t Matter: How the West Has Failed the Poorest Continent and What We Can Do About It
by Giles Bolton

Best Product: An Ethical Question?

Kenman Wong discusses “contribution to society” as a key consideration in the formulation of a target market.