Issue 50

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From the Editor – Issue 50

Al Erisman unveils a special Ethix issue on the Central African Republic.

TechWatch: Making Technology Work in Africa

Al Erisman looks at the role technology might play in transforming the society of the Central African Republic.

Augustin Hibaile: Fighting Corruption

Augustin Hibaile describes the difficulties of integrating ethical practice in the Central African Republic.

Profile: Sylvain Maliko, Minister of Economy, Planning, and International Cooperation

Sylvain Maliko, minister of economy, planning, and international cooperation, talks about his plans for Central African Republic.

Special Report: Central African Republic

Ethix dedicates this issue to the people of the Central African Republic and those like them who are not benefiting from globalization transforming the world.

Essay: Tackling Poverty — The Roles of Business, Government, and NGOs

Prabhu Guptara writes about the roles that business, government, NGOs, science, and technology play in tackling world poverty.

InReview – Issue 50

The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profit by C.K. Prahalad
African Friends and Money Matters
by David Maranz

Dealing With Bribery in Africa

If your business is planning on setting up operations in a corrupt country, is it morally permissible to practice the paying of “facilitation fees”?