Issue 49

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From the Editor – Issue 49

Al Erisman and Jeff Van Duzer introduce the collaboration between Seattle Pacific University and Ethix.

Dear Ethix – Issue 49

Letters commenting on the lack of IT workers.

TechWatch: The Slow Pace of Technological Change

As technology encroaches further into all aspects of business, it will take a new kind of leader to “define reality.”

C. William "Bill" Pollard: Leading by Serving

Bill Pollard discusses the importance of service in leading a large company. He also expands on Christian values in his company.

NewsNotables – Issue 49

After Lay’s Death, Enron’s Victims Contemplate Justice
The Associated Press, July 6, 2006
Boeing Draws Senator’s Praise Over Move to Forgo Tax Breaks
The Wall Street Journal, August 2, 2006
Offshore Abuses on Taxes Probed by Senate Panel
The Wall Street Journal, August 2, 2006

Essay: Changes Needed for the Globalization System

Prabhu Guptara discusses the need for a consensus about global solutions before we cause a global collapse.

InReview – Issue 49

Serving Two Masters? Reflections on God and Profit
by C. William Pollard
Human-Built World: How to Think About Technology and Culture by Thomas P. Hughes

Ethical Issues With a New Payroll System?

Changing the payroll system sounds innocent enough, but you might start by seeing if a new payroll system could get you into trouble with the law.