Issue 42

From the Editor – Issue 42

In this issue of Ethix we focus on a single topic: religion in business. Religion is the area where issues of right and wrong are discussed, and hence a critical factor in business ethics. Thus this special issue fits within the Ethix framework.

TechWatch: Creating the Right Mix

Al Erisman contends that technology and globalization are bringing people closer together from many parts of the world. Therefore, it is important to give space to people to express who they are — helping us create more understanding, more innovation, and more freedom in our fast-paced business lives.

NewsNotables – Issue 42

Religion’s Place in Public Discourse
Chi-Dooh Li, Special to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, May 1, 2005
Does a Pew Fit in Your Cubicle?
Nancy Chandross, ABC News Career Center, May 6, 2005
Religion Poses Challenges — Offers Benefits in the Workplace
Lisa Roner, The Ethical Corporation,, May 3, 2005
Air Force Probes Religious Bias at Academy
Mike Mount, CNN Washington Bureau, May 5, 2005

Ethix Forum – Issue 42

Often religion is regarded as a taboo subject in places of business. Yet since religion is the source for making decisions of right and wrong for may people, should this taboo be reconsidered in light of the ethical failures on business? If so, what guidelines would you suggest?