Issue 38

Dear Ethix – Issue 38

Readers comment on the article by Lawrence Lavengood, ways to deal with email, the conversation with Dr. Medina, another approach for the book buyer dilemma, and how pricing affects piracy.

NewNotables – Issue 38

Intellectual Property Issues in China
China Daily, 9/06/2004, p. 5
Crackdown on Corrupt Practices in the Chinese Government
China Daily, 9/13/2004, p. 3
Challenge for Better Business Practices in Malaysia, James Rose, 10/07/04
Professional Ethics in News Coverage
China Daily, 10/09/2004, p. 6
Proper Management of Government Assets
China Daily, 9/11 and 12/2004, p. 1

InReview – Issue 38

Against All Odds: The Making of a Billionaire
by Loy Hean Heong with Andrew Crofts
World On Fire
by Amy Chua
The Chinese TAO of Business: The Logic of Successful Business Strategy
by George T. Haley, Usha C.V. Haley, and Chin Tiong Tan
Asia’s New Crisis: Renewal Through Total Ethical Management
by Frank-Jurgen Richter and Pamela C. M. Ma