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From the Editor – Issue 33

Al Erisman outlines the current issue of Ethix.

Dear Ethix – Issue 33

Readers weigh in on the question of what is wrong with business and comment on the history of the VCR.

TechWatch: Controversy, Friction Challenge Globalization

How should we think about the issues of controversy surrounding globalization? What is its relationship with technology, and what are the barriers to the growth of globalization in the future?

Toni Schönenberger: Leadership and Culture at UBS

Toni Schönenberger on education, leadership development, ethics, and social responsibility in Wolfsberg at UBS.

Prabhu Guptara: A European Perspective on Globalization

Prabhu Guptara discusses the role of technology and globalization for European businesses.

InReview – Issue 33

There is No Such Thing as Business Ethics: There’s only One Rule for Making Decisions
by John Maxwell
Business Driven Information Technology: Answers to 100 Critical Questions for Every Manager
by David R. Laube and Raymond F. Zammuto
The Matrix Revolutions
directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski

Ethix Forum – Issue 33

Do you see business globalization as a good trend for the world, or one worth protesting? Why? Environmentalists and unions More»

Whistle-Blower Termination

When you are terminated for whistle-blowing, what options do you have when seeking to rectify immoral practices in your old organization?