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From the Editor – Issue 31

Al Erisman details the content in the current issue.

Dear Ethix – Issue 31

Readers comment from Saudi Arabia and Nigeria and give opinions on religion and business.

TechWatch: Does IT Really Matter?

In ten years we will be able to look back at companies that made strategic use of emerging technology (or even creative use of existing technology) to create new business models, new business advantage, perhaps in your business area.

Eric M. Pillmore: Tyco: Charting the Return to Trust

Eric Pillmore relates his experiences and philosophies concerning rebuilding trust in Tyco.

Benchmark Ethics: The Market Made Me Do It

Perhaps we should change the saying, “the market made me do it”, to “the mission made me do it.”

Asia Perspective: The Ethics of Disclosure: A Study of SARS

Disclosure implies revealing information previously kept secret. Therefore, to disclose information close at heart is akin to admitting someone to your inner sanctum, a concept foreign to the Asian culture.

InReview – Issue 31

House of Cards: Confession of an Enron Executive
by Lynn Brewer with Matthew Scott Hansen
Accountability: Freedom and Responsibility without Control by Rob Lebow and Randy Spitzer
Terminator 3 (T3): The Rise of the Machines
directed by Jonathan Mostow

Ethix Forum – Issue 31

Does IT remain a strategic force for business, or is it just another tool for business to use? Undoubtedly it More»

Personal Use of Business Phones

With the rise in popularity of cell phones and free long distance calling, what must an employer do to govern the rules of phone usage?