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From the Editor – Issue 30

In this Issue we focus our attention on business, technology, and ethics … education. No one disputes the influence of More»

Dear Ethix – Issue 30

Readers give input on shareholder value, profession vs. company, and Ethix advertising.

TechWatch: The Technology Factor in Business Trust

Al Erisman states, “Trust is an essential ingredient in business. Imagine how difficult it would be to conduct business if each transaction was like the most untrustworthy one.”

William P. Robinson & Robert Spitzer: Can Ethics Be Taught?

William Robinson and Robert Spitzer present ideas on how students can apply ethical principles to the workforce after graduation.

Higher Ed Presidents Talk About Ethical Business Leadership

Three higher education presidents talk about business scandals and about preparing the next generation of ethical business leaders.

Benchmark Ethics: Religion and Business: Synergy or Catastrophe?

David Gill believes that globalization abroad and diversity at home make multi-religious interactions a fact of business life. Religious distraction and disrespect must be barred from the workplace but that still leaves plenty of room for positive relationships.

InReview – Issue 30

Saving the Corporate Soul & (Who Knows) Maybe Your Own
by David Batstone
The Limits of Privacy
by Amitai Etzioni
The Matrix Reloaded
Directed by Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski

Ethix Forum – Issue 30

Is maximizing shareholder value the right objective and purpose for business? Why or why not? I do not believe that More»