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From the Editors – Issue 29

In this issue if you want to “build in” a strong set of values and create a healthy organizational culture More»

Dear Ethix – Issue 29

Readers share thoughts on ethics as more than compliance, a global view of business ethics, Visa fighting pornography, and large-scale systems failure.

TechWatch: Dealing with the Failure of the Shareholder Value Model

Managing a business is tough. Managing a good business is tougher. Don’t oversimplify it and distort the results.

Jonathan Klein: Under Getty's Images: Brand Values and Leadership Principles

Jonathan Klein discusses ethical questions around Getty’s Images as well as commercial and editorial photography.

Essay: Customer Service: Enter at Your Own Risk

Gary Hardaway believes that a kind business attracts more customers, eager to be served by people of integrity. A predatory business may eventually run out of victims.

Benchmark Ethics: Ethics Trouble-Shooting & Crisis Resolution

David Gill proposes a three-stage approach to potential and actual crises.

InReview – Issue 29

by Rudolph W. Giuliani
Trust: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity
by Francis Fukuyama
The Ethical Process: An Approach to Disagreements and Controversial Issues
by Marvin T. Brown
Medical Information Web Resources
edited by Gerard Beenen

Ethix Forum – Issue 29

How did your university or business school education affect the values and ethics you bring to your company and career? More»