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From the Editors – Issue 27

Ed Lazowska, our IBTE Conversation partner in this issue of Ethix (p. 6), will be well-known to many of our More»

Dear Ethix – Issue 27

Readers comment on the link between technology and ethics, ethics between nations, references for business ethics, the use of the ten principles, customer privacy, and loyalty.

TechWatch: Large-Scale System Failures

Technology is still early in its impact on business, and more radical changes are coming.

Ed Lazowska: The Real Information Revolution Is Yet to Come

Ed Lazowska expands on the possible uses of technology in the future and the importance of using technology to benefit education.

Essay: The Report Card on Financial Reporting

In addition to supporting systemic improvements to our financial reporting system we must maintain our individual resolve to build successful businesses through sound ethics. – Greg Zegarowski

Benchmark Ethics: The First Principle of Ethics

What if we tried to come up with a list of the most basic principles and guidelines of a sound ethics that could be widely shared by the world’s population? What would be included? What would be first on the list?