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From the Editors – Issue 24

FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE SEPTEMBER 11, 2001, we visited New York City in mid-May to interview Anne Taylor, Managing More»

Dear Ethix – Issue 24

Readers discuss eight traits, nine reasons, ten principles, wisdom management, and collaboration.

TechWatch: Bridging Between Technology and Management

The communications gap between technology people and business people is alive and well in several dimensions.

Anne Taylor: Consulting and Auditing in a Time of Challenge and Change

Anne Taylor on the difficulties Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu faced with 9/11 and Enron.

Essay: Three Causes of Ethical Lapse in Today’s Business

Jeffrey Van Duzer asserts that we are at a time in history when business ethics is once again a “hot” topic. In addition to learning macro-level lessons from Enron and its progeny, we can also profitably use this time to assess our own micro-level ethics and to begin to build strategies that will enable us to resist the ethics-deflecting temptations of speed, spin and stuff.

Benchmark Ethics: From Work to Vocation and Profession

David Gill has believed for many years that recovering the two historic concepts of “vocation” and “profession” would contribute something very helpful to our situation. These two powerful terms can take us far beyond conventional thinking of our jobs merely in terms of “work.”

InReview – Issue 24

Good Work: Where Ethics and Excellence Meet
by Howard Gardner, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, William Damon
The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership
by Steven B. Sample
The Responsible Entrepreneur: How to Make Money and Make a Difference
by Craig Hall
Customer.Community: Unleashing the Power of Your Customer Base
by Drew Banks and Kim Daus