Issue 12

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TechWatch: Software Integration is Tough and Adds a Wrinkle to the Microsoft Case

It seems that some comments about the Microsoft anti-trust case are called for, especially in a journal that considers issues More»

Richard E. Stearns: 20/20 Vision in a Myopic World

Rich Stearns, President of World Vision U.S., (a non-profit Christian world relief organization) and former CEO of Lenox, INC., talks about the role of technology in world relief, the differing motivation in the for-profit world compared witht he non-profit, and his own transition from one to the other.

Benchmark Ethics: Compassion and Generosity in Business?

In the last Benchmark Ethics installment I raised the question: “Does anybody care about justice and fairness in today’s competitive More»

InReview – Issue 12

Thinking Through Technology: The Path Between Engineering and Philosophy
by Carl Mitcham
Who Moved My Cheese
by Spencer Johnson
The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom?
by David Brin

Ethix Forum – Issue 12

Is loyalty between employer and employee important in the workplace today, and what are the key issues to consider?