Issue 10

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TechWatch: Challenges for the Virtual, Global Company

In the last issue I described the virtual, global company that outsources much of its work, focuses on core capability, More»

Lewis E. Platt: Sharing Insight From 33 Years at Hewlett Packard

Lewis E. Platt is the recently retired Chairman and CEo of Hewlett Packard, and currently the CEO of Kendall Jackson Wine Estates. In reflecting on a career at HP, Lew talks about changes in technology, preserving a valued corporate culture in a time of great change, and dealing with globalization through his experiences in Russia, China, and the recent World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle.

Benchmark Ethics: Facilitate Human Relationships

In my last column I discussed the benchmark value of privacy — the critical importance of being left alone, uninvaded, More»

InReview – Issue 10

The Corrosion of Character: The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism
by Richard Sennet

Ethix Forum – Issue 10

Many of us are dealing with high volume e-mail. How many daily e-mail messages do you receive? How do you handle your e-mail so that you neither overlook important messages, or waste time on unimportant ones?