Issue 8

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TechWatch: The Role of Technologies in Building Virtual Teams

In the previous issue of Ethix I wrote about the role of information technology in changing the measure of distance, More»

Norman B. Rice: Technology and the Economically Disadvantaged

“Access to technology is a big issue. There is a difference between rich and poor, but that doesn’t mean the poor have to be totally left out. Computer technology can be made available to the public at libraries, community centers, and churches. Ultimately there ought to be technology in every home but, in the meantime, providing public access is both possible and necessary…” – Norm Rice

Benchmark Ethics: Is Technology (ever) Evil?

In the October 19, 1999, issue of InfoWorld, editor Sandy Reed discussed our Institute for Business, Technology, and Ethics. She More»

InReview – Issue 8

Smart Business: How Knowledge Communities can Revolutionize your Company
by Jim Botkin
The Control Revolution: How the Internet is Putting Individuals in Charge and Changing the World We Know
by Andrew L. Shapiro
Cybercorp: The New Business Revolution
by James Martin