Issue 6

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TechWatch: Technology-Enabled Self Service—Where are the Boundaries?

Most of us have been frustrated by calling a business colleague with an urgent question and getting her voice mail. More»

Paul Song: Values and Value Permeate “High Tech” ARIS

Paul Song, founder and CEO of ARIS Corporation, reflects on values and challenges of managing a rapidly growing high tech company.

Benchmark Ethics: Openness

Openness is the companion virtue to loyalty (the subject of Benchmark Ethics 5). Openness (in individual character or organizational culture) More»

InReview – Issue 6

The Winner-Take-All-Society: Why the Few at the Top Get So Much More Than the Rest of Us
by Robert H. Frank and Philip J. Cook
The Practice of Technology: Exploring Technology, Ecophilosophy, and Spiritual Disciplines for Vital Links
by Alan Drengson
Data Smog
by David Shenk