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Asia Perspective: Braving the Economic Woes in Singapore

“Fire is the test of gold; adversity, of strong men.” -Seneca
Throughout its short history, Singapore has demonstrated a resilience and strength that competes well…

Asia Perspective: Supported Employment for the Physically Challenged in Singapore

Dr. Ow Chee Chung, executive director, Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD), discusses how SPD, a nonprofit organization in Singapore, helps the physically challenged through supported employment and skills development.

Asia Perspective: Brewing Success in Singapore a Cup at a Time

Against a competitive backdrop of cheap local coffee and mass-market mega coffee franchises, a late entrant emerged in Singapore to thrive — Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

Asia Perspective: Trimming Power Toward Efficiency in Asia

With rising energy costs, there is a need for cleaner, greener, and more efficient power usage.

Asia Perspective: Role of IT in Business

Seamus Phan argues that open-source technology, available for free, is invading the traditional turf of many enterprise and client-side applications and technologies.

Asia Perspective: Music and Film Companies, Friend or Foe?

Seamus Phan explores the issues of music and film companies and their stance on protecting intellectual property in Asia.

Asia Perspective: The Tripartite War Against Spam

Seamus Phan argues that spam is a unique problem, and simply relying on good filtering technology, the diligence of end users, or strong legislation alone, may not work to eradicate spam.

Asia Perspective: More than Just Antivirus Software

Seamus Phan argues that there is no perfect solution to malware, but the battle against malware cannot be left in the hands of the few, the antivirus vendors. Users have to empower themselves to slow down the onslaught of such computing troubles with low-cost solutions.

Asia Perspective: The USSFTA and the Swing of Software Adoption

Seamus Phan questions the merit of open source software in business.

Asia Perspective: The Move to Open Software

Seamus Phan contends, “At the end of the day, what matters most is if your organization can benefit from the use of the software.”