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Leaders of Large Corporations

Randy Wilcox, president for the Americas, Otis Elevator Company • Issue 85: Ethics and Manufacturing
Brad Tilden, chairman and CEO, Alaska Air Group • Issue 84: Keeping an Airline Flying
Steve Tourek, senior vice president, chief counsel, The Marvin Companies • Issue 83: Window on Purpose
Jack vanHartesvelt, senior managing director, Alvarez & Marsal Capital Real Estate • Issue 82: Hard Choices for the Long Term
Tami Heim, partner, The A Group • Issue 79: The Business of Books in a Digital Era
Rome Hartman, executive producer, NBC Primetime Newsmagazine • Issue 78: Television News in the Digital Age
Darcy Antonellis, president of technical operations, Warner Bros. Entertainment • Issue 77: The Business of Digital Movies
Barry Rowan, chief financial officer, Vonage Holdings Corporation • Issue 76: Bringing Meaning to Work
John W. Stanton, CEO, Trilogy International Partners • Issue 75: Wireless Telecommunications
Dr. Jonathan Perlin, chief medical officer, Hospital Corporation of America • Issue 74: From Sick Care to Health Care
Luke McGuinness, president, CEO, Central DuPage Health • Issue 74: Patient Safety, Cost Containment
Dr. Gary S. Kaplan, CEO, Virgina Mason Medical Center • Issue 73: Determined Steps to Transformation
Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company • Issue 70: Producing Cars With Passion & Involvement
Greg Page, chairman and CEO, Cargill Issue 69: The Ethics of Food — A Corporate Perspective
Daryl Travis, CEO, Brandtrust • Issue 65: Creating and Managing a Brand
Sally Jewell, president and CEO, R.E.I. • Issue 63: When Customers and Shareholders Align
Clive Mather, president and CEO, Shell Canada Ltd • Issue 62: Harmonizing Energy and Environment
Jeff Pinneo, CEO, Horizon Air • Issue 59: Piloting a Business Through Challenging Times
Don Soderquist, COO, Wal-Mart • Issue 58: Wal-Mart Way Produces Accolades, Criticism, Growth

Micheal Flaherty, president, Walden Media • Issue 56: Walden Media: Movies That Matter
Kendrick Melrose, chairman and CEO, Toro • Issue 55: Caring About People: Employees and Customers
Steve Reinemund, chairman, PepsiCo • Issue 52: Leadership for a 21st-Century Multinational Corporation
William Pollard, chairman and CEO, Servicemaster (ret.) • Issue 49: Leading By Serving
Al Weiss, president, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts • Issue 47: Serious About Creating Fun at Disney
Mike Volkema, chairman, Herman Miller • Issue 45: Solid Values, Changing Times
Orin Smith, CEO, Starbucks • Issue 40: Managing Growth/Leadership Change at Starbucks
Jimin Zhu, board chairman, Shougang Corp., Beijing, China • Issue 38: Reducing Pollution, Promoting Ethics
Dennis Bakke, co-founder and CEO, AES • Issue 35: Creating Real Fun at Work
Fu Hua Hsieh, CEO, Singapore Exchange • Issue 32: Ownership, Separation of Powers Support Ethical Business
Jonathan Klein, CEO, Getty Images • Issue 29: Under Getty’s Images: Brand Values & Leadership Principles
James Sinegal, CEO, Costco • Issue 28: Long-Term Business Perspective in a Short-Term World
Michael Federle, publisher, Fortune Issue 26: Business Journalism in an Era of Global Ferment
Don Valentine, founder, Sequoia Capital • Issue 23: Venture Capital, Market Changes, and Ethical Questions
John Reed, Co-CEO, Citigroup • Issue 23: View From the Top: Banking, Mergers, Technology, and Enron
Robert Magnuson, CEO, InfoWorld • Issue 20: Journalism in an Era of Advanced Technology and Global Business
Philip Condit, chairman and CEO, The Boeing Company • Issue 18: Technology and Ethics at Boeing
Lewis Platt, chairman and CEO, Hewlett Packard • Issue 10: Insight FromThirty-Three Years at HP
Phyllis Campbell, president, US Bank, Wash. • Issue 7: The Future of Banking
John Edwardson, president, United Airlines • Issue 4: Blackjack, Executive Compensation, and Ethics
Roger Eigsti, chairman and CEO, SAFECO • Issue 1: Technology and Ethics at SAFECO

Executive Leadership, Large Corporations

Jean Bartell Barber, vice chairman and treasurer, Bartell DrugsIssue 81: Third-Generation Leadership
Gloria Nelund, co-founder, chairman and CEO, TriLinc GlobalIssue 80: Defining Success in the Financial World
Marshall Carter, chairman New York Stock Exchange GroupIssue 70: Making Sense of the Financial Mess
Bonnie Wurzbacher, senior vice president, Coca-Cola CompanyIssue 67: Bringing Meaning to Work
Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president, Intel Corporatio
nIssue 57: Faster Chips, More Opportunity?
Robert Pace, senior partner, Goldman Sachs
Issue 54: Banking and Long-Term Business Values
Ron Markezich, CIO, Microsoft
Issue 48: Business Through the Lens of the CIO
Scott Griffin, CIO, The Boeing Company
Issue 48: Business Through the Lens of the CIO
Bob Wright, senior partner, West Coast Tax, Arthur Andersen
Issue 39: Courage in an Ethical Crisis
Toni Schonenberger, managing director, Wolfsberg Executive Development Ctr.
Issue 33: Leadership & Culture at UBS
Eric M. Pillmore, senior vice president, Tyco
Issue 31: Tyco: Charting the Return to Trust
Anne Taylor, senior vice president, Deloite Touche Tohmatsu
Issue 24: Consulting and Auditing: Challenge & Change
Gary Daichendt, executive vice president, Cisco Systems • Issue 15: Connecting the World With Cisco



Leaders of Small Businesses

Peter Dill, lawyer, co-owner, Saint John’s Organic FarmIssue 69: Organic Perspective on Food for the World
Patrick J. McDonnell, CEO and owner, Restaurant HoldingsIssue 66: Does VOP Apply to Restaurants?
Perry Bigelow, founder, Bigelow Homes • Issue 64: Maintaining Ethics in a Downturn: Home Building
Beverly Bothel, managing broker, Windermere Real EstateIssue 64: Maintaining Ethics in a Downturn: Real Estate
Don Flow, owner and CEO, Flow AutomotiveIssue 64: Maintaining Ethics in a Downturn: Auto Sales
Steven Bell, founder and CEO , Pacific Crest IndustriesIssue 60: Making Cabinets, Changing the World
Fred Greiner, president, Fareway StoresIssue 58: What Makes Family Grocery Successful?
Januar Darmawan, chairman, Nutrifood, IndonesiaIssue 51: Manufacturing an Ethical Workplace
Cheryl Broetje, co-founder, Broetje OrchardsIssue 44: Orchard With Fruit That Lasts
Dame Stephanie Shirley, founder, Xansa, EnglandIssue 43: Reflections From a Software Pioneer
Don Labourr, president, OrthoSport Physical TherapyIssue 41: Patients or Profits?
David McIntyre, CEO, TriWest Healthcare AllianceIssue 41: Protecting Customers, Managing Growth
T.N. Loy, CEO, Mbf Corp., MalaysiaIssue 38: Malaysian CEO Perspective: Bribery and Business
George Ting, CEO, Impress Eight Corp., MalaysiaIssue 38: Malaysian Reflections: KFC/Pizza Hut Pioneer
Don Flow, owner and CEO, Flow AutomotiveIssue 34: Ethics at Flow Automotive
Donald Sytsma, president, CEO, Meteor CommunicationsIssue 9: Global Challenges for Small Tech Company
Paul Song, founder and CEO, ARIS CorporationIssue 6: Values & Value Permeate “High-Tech”
Gary Ginter, chairman, VAST Power Systems
Issue 3: Ethics in the Commodities Market


Leroy Hood, president, Institute for Systems BiologyIssue 16: Bio and Information Technology
Richard Stearns, president, World Vision
Issue 12: 20/20 Vision in a Myopic World
Robert Johansen, president, Institute for the Future
Issue 11: Changing Foresights Into Insights

Thought Leaders – technology, globalization, future, company development

Guy Kawasaki, entrepreneurIssue 72: Starting a Business: Answer to Lost Jobs?
Colin Timms, chairman, Guardian Bank, Bangalore, IndiaIssue 72: Another Approach to Entrepreneurship
Lord Brian Griffiths, British EconomistIssue 68: British Economist’s Perspective on Global Crisis
Wayne T. Alderson, founder, Value of a PersonIssue 66: Valuing People Helps Business
Sherron Watkins, whistleblower/former finance vice president, EnronIssue 53: Lessons From Enron
Augustin Habaile, executive director, CIDEL, Central African RepublicIssue 50: Fighting Corruption
Vinton Cerf, Internet founder, MCIIssue 43: A ‘Father of the Internet’ Looks Ahead
Laura Nash, senior lecturer, Harvard Business SchoolIssue 42: Religion Offers Value(s) to Business
John Medina, director, Talaris InstituteIssue 37: What Business People Should Know About the Brain
Prabhu Guptara, Executive Development Center, UBS SwitzerlandIssue 33: European Perspective on Globalization
Ed Lazowska, University of WashingtonIssue 27: Real Information Revolution is Yet to Come
David Korten, Intl. Forum on GlobalizationIssue 25: Perspective From Outside the Corporation
Don Tapscott, writer and authorIssue 21: Corporate Ethics Bar Rises After 9/11
John Seely Brown, chief scientist, XeroxIssue 19: Innovation, Information, & Organizational Culture
Carl Mitcham, professor, Colorado School of MinesIssue 17: Why Bother With Technology?
Dan Ling, vice president, research, MicrosoftIssue 14: Researching Tomorrow’s Technology at Microsoft
Rosalind Picard, MIT Media LabIssue 13: Computers That ‘Feel Your Pain’
Peter Morton, vice president, Human Resources, The Boeing Co.Issue 5: Tough Issues at Boeing
Richard Osgood, senior education manager, Andersen Consulting • Issue 2: Building Skills in an Itinerant Workforce

Government Leaders

Gen. Peter Pace, 16th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of StaffIssue 61: Telling the Truth As I Know It
Sylvain Maliko, Minister of Economics and Planning, Central African RepublicIssue 50: Profile on Sylvain Maliko
Janet Reno, U.S. Attorney General (ret.)Issue 44: Government & Business in a Technological World
Susan Collins, U.S. SenatorIssue 36: Can Government Mandate Ethics?
Norman B. Rice, former Seattle mayor, president, CEO, Federal Home Loan BankIssue 8: Technology and the Economically Disadvantaged


Academic Leaders

Dr. Robert Wachter, associate chairman, Department of Medicine, UCSFIssue 73: Helping Health Care Get Well
Shirley Ann Jackson, president, Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteIssue 51: Energy, Ethics, and Education
Lee Huntsman, president, University of Washington • Issue 30

Philip Eaton, president, Seattle Pacific University • Issue 30
Thomas Cronin, president, Whitman College • Issue 30
Robert Spitzer, president, Gonzaga UniversityIssue 30: Can Ethics Be Taught?
William Robinson, president, Whitworth CollegeIssue 30: Can Ethics Be Taught?