From the Editor – Issue 76

We wrap up a brief set of Conversations in the telecommunications industry with Barry Rowan, chief financial officer of Vonage, the New Jersey-based phone company. Barry offers insight into entrepreneurship, the telecommunications industry, and the purpose of business. Any business leader will gain insight, even inspiration, from Barry Rowan. He is in the thick of things at a publically traded company after a “purposeful time out” of three years, and he is loving it.

Also in this issue, I have raised a question about the connection between capitalism and job creation in the 21st century. Kenman Wong, our ethics advisor, returns after a short time away to address the challenge of a business leader who speaks out in an open electronic forum, potentially damaging his company. And Roger Eigsti comments on the Murdock news reporting and hacking mess.

Next month, we will begin a series of Conversations in the media field. Perhaps no other industry has been as hard hit by technology as the media (newspapers, TV, movies, books, music) industry. Our first Conversation in this series is with Darcy Antonellis, president of Warner Brothers Technical Operations.

We look forward to your comments.


Al Erisman
Executive Editor