Ten Principles of Highly Ethical Business Leaders

1. Treat all employees as unique individuals.
Don’t reduce people to a utility — a means to accomplish your ends.

2. Support each person’s freedom to grow and develop.
Never view anyone through stereotypes, or as fixed and unchangeable.

3. Communicate to people by name with respect.
Never use hurtful labels or refer to a person by his or her job function.

4. Model and encourage a balanced life of good work and rest.
Don’t make long-term demands on employees that undermine balanced lives.

5. Honor and respect families of others.
Don’t forget that each person lives in a broader context beyond his or her work.

6. Value life, safety, and health.
Work processes or products should not create unnecessary risk or harm.

7. Keep your promises.
Don’t violate written or verbal commitments, or look for loopholes to do so.

8. Be fair and just in financial matters.
Don’t tolerate unfair wages, prices, or financial practices.

9. Communicate honestly and truthfully.
Never misrepresent people, products, services, or facts.

10. Recognize the accomplishments of others.
Don’t claim the success of others for yourself.

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