From the Editor – Issue 46

Once again, we take Ethix into the international arena. With the Enron trial starting, and the continued ethical problems in American business (see News Notables), it is easy for Americans to think all of the challenges are at home. The issue of business ethics requires a global perspective. Further, business requires a global perspective. Not many are insulated from the international pressures in business today.

For this issue, we share comments from business and government leaders in Indonesia (pp 12-13) and have a conversation with Januar Darmawan, chairman of the board of Nutrifood Indonesia. This is one of the more challenging environments for business ethics in the world, and these perspectives are important.

We hear from Nancy Higgins, former chief ethics officer at MCI, with her thoughts on international business ethics.

Seamus Phan, our Asian correspondent from Singapore, shares his views on intellectual property. Many in the United States will not look at the issues in the way he does, including me (see Technology Watch). But most of us will admit that there are some difficult decisions on right and wrong in a digital world. One particular issue in the wireless arena is featured in our Forum, with two pages of articulate comments on both sides.

As Nancy Higgins says at the end of her essay, “We don’t need to agree with these views, but it is important that we understand their perspective.” We look forward to your feedback.


Al Erisman
Executive Editor