Ethix Forum – Issue 39

What do you find to be your major source of workplace stress. What do you do about it?

I find my major source of workplace stress to be personnel issues with my employees. I find these issues are more difficult to solve and create more stress than other types of business issues.

To deal with these issues, I try to address them as quickly as possible while giving myself enough time and information to make a good decision. Once that decision is made, I do not like to waver as that would open me up to constant second-guessing and continual negotiation. While these issues are often painful and stressful to address, it ends up causing much more harm to both the people and the organization to let them linger unattended to rather than dealing with them quickly.
An anonymous Internet marketing company executive
San Francisco, CA

Miscommunication. Most things are overstated, understated, or just flat out incorrect. I investigate everything fully before taking action.

Major source of work stresses: too many different projects/priorities which makes it difficult to juggle them all, too many meetings, and therefore not enough time to do work.

What I do about it:
• Set a prioritization list, so I get only the important things done and leave the rest at work for another day.
• Tightly manage my calendar (I generally do not go to the “nice-to-have” meetings).

Diana Poulos
Charlotte, NC

I believe the major cause of stress in the workplace is longer hours to complete a task. Management expects more with less, lays off people, and then expects more from the personnel left over. That’s how it is in the military right now.