From the Editor – Issue 36

Government plays a unique and important role in the management and execution of business. Dennis Bakke, in the IBTE Conversation last issue, said:

To operate business … you need to have the rule of law.
You have to have a legal system that enforces agreements.

In this issue we decided, for the first time, to get the perspective of an elected government official. For the IBTE Conversation, we talked with U.S. Senator Susan Collins, a Republican from the State of Maine. Senator Collins was selected not because of her state or party affiliation, but because she has the responsibility for chairing the governmental affairs committee for the Senate. We think you will find value in her perspective, starting on p. 6.

Retired Northwestern University Professor Lawrence Lavengood offered us the opportunity to reprint an article he had written for the alumni magazine of the Kellogg School of Management. Normally we do not reprint articles, but this one was particularly pertinent to our issues and we value the interest Professor Lavengood has taken in Ethix. His article fills the rotating authorship of the Ethics for Business column on p.15.

The Forum has returned to this issue, with responses dealing with the handling of downloaded Intellectual Property, particularly music. We were unable to include all of the responses here, so this is continued on our website.

We are pleased to add David Gautschi’s name to the Advisory Council this issue. Dr. Gautschi has been a friend of Ethix from the beginning, has authored an essay in Ethix, and is a former professor in the School of Business at the University of Washington. He has worked for a French software company, for Deloitte and Touche, and presently manages a startup consulting company. Ethix readers will continue to get the benefits of his good counsel.

Poland continues in the lead of international responses to our website. Hits from Poland topped 4000 last month for the first time.


Al Erisman
Executive Editor