From the Editor – Issue 34

You will notice four more pages this issue. In a recent readership survey, several commented that Ethix had become a bit “text dense.” We have tried to address this with more pages, though I have to admit we had a few extra ideas to put into this issue as well. Let us know what you think.

Our feature conversation is with Don Flow, CEO of Flow Automotive. He represents one of the best examples I have found of a company leader giving very careful thought to what it means to be ethical in business. Remember, this is a business that is often not associated with ethics, see “Confessions of a Car Salesman” at We took one extra page for our discussion with Don and added the company’s statement of mission and values, because we believe this is a great example that other businesses will find valuable. We also added some reflection with Walter Wright, the leader of a team that went into Flow Automotive to audit its performance.

Max De Pree’s name comes up several times in this issue. He was selected to the Fortune magazine Business Hall of Fame for his extraordinary leadership as the CEO at Herman Miller. He is also the author of many books, including Leadership is an Art, reviewed on our website (, and still one of the best books on leadership. De Pree is both an inspiration to Don Flow, and the name on the Leadership Center that reviewed Flow Automotive.

David Gill has decided to back away from a regular column in Ethix, though he continues as a member of our advisory council and will continue to contribute writing from time to time. He has a book review in this issue. I want to thank him for his role in starting IBTE and we will appreciate his continued contributions. We will have various writers fill the ethics column. Jeff Van Duzer, Dean of the School of Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University, former partner in charge at Davis, Wright, Tremaine Law firm, and a member of our board of directors, has written “The Positive Side of Business Ethics” in this issue.

I am pleased to welcome Tyco International, Inc. as the most recent addition to the IBTE Corporate Patrons. While Tyco has been in the news because of the fraud charges brought against their top management team, the new team has made a great effort to turn things around. Eric Pillmore, their new Senior Vice President of Corporate Governance, was the featured conversation in Ethix 31, and outlined an aggressive plan to put Tyco back on track. We applaud what they are doing and will watch with interest as their new program unfolds.

Joining the Small Business Sponsors is the KrisMark Group, Inc. of Redmond, Washington. Mark Chamberlain, their CEO, is committed to ethical leadership, and I have appreciated his efforts in this direction as we have talked together.


Al Erisman
Executive Editor