From the Editors – Issue 26

When we interviewed him in New York, we asked Fortune magazine publisher Mike Federle if it would be fair to characterize Fortune people as “cheerleaders” for business. He was quick to reject this label and insist that they are observers and analysts of both the good and the bad in the business world. Our judgment is that Fortune and Business Week, in particular, have done a great job in pursuing the business scandals of the past couple years, with great journalistic integrity. A free, critical, diverse business press is one of our most precious assets in the American business environment. Our conversation with Mike Federle starts on p. 6.

How does company size affect ethical performance? Some of our Ethix readers have their say in our Forum on p. 14. Our next Forum topic is the impact of technology on our ethics. Al’s reflections in his “Technology Watch” column (p. 4) will get your thinking started but don’t stop there: email us your own opinion on the topic for January-February publication.

Gerard Beenen is our first official “Contributing Editor.” He has been a regular reviewer of books, films, and web sites for several issues now. This time he reviews the film “Changing Lanes” — a great business ethics conversation starter—and the impressive Web site of the Rocky Mountain Institute.

IBTE Update After four years of publishing Ethix — and after a lot of research, writing, and teaching — we have packaged our business ethics ideas for the business world. We call our approach to organizational ethics consulting and training, “Business Ethics for Business Excellence.” Read about it on page 10. Get in touch with us at either our Bellevue or Berkeley offices if this is of possible interest to your organization.

We are not sure of all the reasons, but our web traffic ( has jumped more than 50% this fall from where it was in the spring and summer. Significant growth has occurred not only in the U.S., but around the world, especially in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Poland, and Thailand. Incidentally, a Polish web site, with our permission, regularly translates and posts content from Ethix. We continue to work on improvements to our web site and welcome your suggestions.

Finally, as we head into the holidays, think about Ethix gift subscriptions (your boss, your colleagues, journalists, professors, students, friends). A good deal for the recipients … and a helping hand to IBTE as we build a movement for good business, appropriate technology, and sound ethics.


Al Erisman
Executive Co-Editor

David W. Gill
Executive Co-Editor