Dear Ethix – Issue 19

Discovering Ethix

I have just encountered your very stimulating web site, which I will mention in the newsletter I edit (Digital Revolution Alert). I have also done work on the ‘metaphysics of technology’ about the ‘why’ of our technological quest, with some surprising answers. A three-hour TV documentary was shown on Dutch and Flemish television based on this work.
Michel Bauwens
Brussels, Belgium

I just wanted to tell you that I was quite pleased to find out that your organization exists. I am very interested in the ethical use of technology, particularly of the Internet, and knew that there had to be an organization dedicated to this purpose. Some time back I tried to do a search for an organization such as yours, but wasn’t really coming up with anything. I gave up the search for a while, but then came across an article on your organization last week in Infoworld. The Ethix organization is providing a very important voice, I believe, and I just wanted to thank you for creating it.
Kelly Porterfield
Austin, TX

Editors’ Note: The article to which Kelly refers was written by InfoWorld CTO Chad Dickinson and can be found on the InfoWorld Web site ( by entering “ethix” in the search location.

IBTE/Ethix Privacy Policy?

Please consider posting a privacy statement on your website.
(Name protected by editors)

Editors’ Note: This is a good suggestion and we will follow through. To be clear, the names and addresses we receive for mailing Ethix are not, and never have been, available to anyone outside of IBTE. We use them for mailing Ethix and occasional membership reminders, but have turned down all requests to buy or trade mailing lists.

Electronic Version of Ethix?

Any plans to make the newsletter available electronically?
John Stewart
Seattle, WA

You have an excellent idea on your hands. I very much enjoy reading your bulletins — do you have an email version?
c. g.

Editors’ Note: Most of the content of each current issue of Ethix is available at our web site At this point, it is available without charge and many people access the contents of Ethix this way. Later this fall, for obvious reasons of longer-term financial sustainability, we will begin restricting some of the content of Ethix for members only. IBTE electronic memberships will have a slightly lower cost than regular memberships because of the printing and mailing costs of the latter.

Keep It Going

I enjoy the oft-stated “refreshing approach” you-all display. I think the subject is long overdue: discussing ethics per se and the merits/de-merits of technological demands placed on family life. Thanks.
Rovaro Bayard
Pretoria, South Africa

Please continue to explore the gray area between technology and policy.
Todd Smith
Charleston, WV

The Role of the CEO

I read the June issue with interest. I find the bulletin very thought provoking. I have a new career as a CEO and consider myself an adolescent CEO at this point. The exchange at the bottom of page 6 with Carl Mitcham was a bit disturbing. Perhaps it just reflects a jaded view of CEOs as totally focused on shareholder value or some related arena at the expense of humanity. Most reading and training I have and am getting focuses on the need for effective leadership to be more akin to the second question you ask at the top of the second column on page 6. I love the contrasting manner of treating people with dignity and respect and believe it whole-heartedly.

Have you considered exploring further the “poet and philosopher” angle? Carl Mitcham’s comments about having a poet involved in exploration of Mt. St. Helens is a wonderful example. The poet David Whyte comes to mind. I have heard one of his tapes and read a little of his writing and plan to do more.
Dan Ballbach
Seattle, WA

Editors’ Note: David Whyte’s book, The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America, will be reviewed in a future issue of Ethix.