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Francis Collins: Bringing Science to Health

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Under his leadership, the Human Genome Project mapped and sequenced the full human genome. This monumental advance in scientific knowledge has begun to unlock some of the great mysteries of human life and has created the potential to develop treatments and cures for some of the most serious diseases.

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It has been two and a half years since I have updated the material for Ethix. That was never supposed to happen. My wife tells me it is a lack of ability to say “no.” I have completed a couple new books: The Purpose of Business (edited with David Gautschi) and just out in paperback, and a graduate text in mathematics: Direct Methods for Sparse Matrices (with two British colleagues). Three others are in the works. I argue that there are too many interesting projects.

However, the connections between technology, business, and society are more entangled than ever, and the new ethical issues keep coming up. I have found two partners to help move Ethix forward. This issue engages both of them, and both are involved in planning the next.

One is David Gill, now retired from his teaching position, and one of the founders of Ethix back in 1998. We are working together on a book project on the topic of Technology and Faith. David is an ethicist, and he has engaged in this issue through an essay on the topic of what is next for “me too.” He also has contributed two book reviews. The other is Mark Neuenschwander, a leading person in health care safety. Together we went to Washington, D.C., to have a Conversation with Francis Collins, former director of the human genome project and now director of the National Institutes of Health. At this stage in the 21st century, the link between health care and technology is both life-giving and challenging. We cover a wide range of topics from the opioid crisis to wellness to designer babies. I have written about the prospects of artificial intelligence finally engaging our lives in both good and bad ways, after decades of unmet expectations. We look forward to your feedback on this update.