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Technology Watch

Academic Resume For Phd Application

Technology Lessons from Mom

My mother recently had her 100th birthday! While that is a remarkable achievement, it is not something I would normally More»

Technology Watch

Thinking Digitally Website To Write My Essay Is technology an aid to our thinking processes, or is it a distraction? My own conclusion is “yes.” By connecting More»

Technology Watch

E-reader Technology: Friend or Foe? Homework Helper Double Digit Multiplication For Christmas, I received a Kindle Fire, a grown up e-reader with many of the features of an iPad. This More»

Dr Amanda Sturgill Masters Thesis Cornell University Technology Watch

The Role of Technology in a Jobless Recovery

As the economic recovery continues, it seems that many of the indicators have improved, but the unemployment figures stay stubbornly More»

From the Editor

From the Editor – Issue 54

Al Erisman outlines the content for the current issue.

From the Editor

From the Editors – Issue 2

by Albert M. Erisman and David W. Gill IBTE Links CEOs, Techies, Critics The Institute for Business, Technology, and Ethics More»

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