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Randy Wilcox: Ethics and Manufacturing

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Randy Wilcox started in sales and became president of two different divisions of Otis Elevator: South Asia, then the Americas. Ethics and globalization were a challenge for the company in the 19th century when high rises grew in cities around the world.

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Coming Up

Coming Up

Brad Tilden is enthusiastic about his work as CEO and chairman of Alaska Air Group. We talked about the challenge of size: smaller than the huge carriers but bigger than the new airlines in an industry that has not made money since its inception. He shared decisions about baggage fees and labor issues. Technology Watch (insight from my 100-year-old mother) is new. Roger Eigsti (News Notables) and David Gill (Ethics at Work) have contributed new articles. Two new book reviews have also been added.

Next issue we talk with Cheryl Broetje (co-owner) and Roger Bairstow (executive) at Broetje Orchards about the challenging agriculture industry and related immigration issues.

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